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Electric 3.5HP (2.6kw) 240 Volt - Cold

Categories for this Product: Portable Electric Driven Water Blasters
 Electric 3.5HP (2.6kw) 240 Volt - Cold
Price: $poa
Product ID: E3 AR630
Performance domestic, 1750 PSI pump, 10 LPM flow. AR630 Triplex Pump- brass head ceramic pistons. 15 Amp de rated to 10 Amp draw. Low speed pump at 1450 RPM. Tough low vibration chassis with central lifting eye. AR gun and 8m HP hose. Frame mounted industrial water filter protecting ceramic pistons. To see more products, please follow the link to the thoroughclean catalogue. http://www.actionplantsupport.com.au/site/thoroughclean-catalogue

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